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Engaging, Moving and Inspiring Presentations

Bruce delivers presentations with the primary goal of connecting with the participants and inspiring them to change their attutudes and behaviors. He engages the participants through his stories which illustrate the key points and concepts. He teaches practical methods for improving performance. He moves participants to think in new ways about themselves and the environment around them. He motivates the audience to change their habits after the performance to achieve better personal, team and organization performance.

Bruce's presentations typically range from 30-180 minutes depending upon the client's needs. His presentations are ideal for business and government leaders from small to medium size organizations as well as large multi-national companies and national and international government leaders. He often incorporates interactive and audience participation activities even among large groups and use of visual aids and music to creative fun and entertaining atmosphere.

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Description of some of the presentations available


Elephantectomy: How to Handle Difficult Conversations and People More Effectively

Presentation Summary

At the end of your workday you are simply exhausted. A patient screamed at you for something that wasn’t your fault. When you tried to bring a recurring problem to your supervisor, it seemed he didn’t hear a word you said. And all day long you’ve had to work side by side an incredibly annoying co-worker. The good news is the day is over. The bad news is its only Monday and the energy you began the week with is already depleted.

While it is impossible to remove all the difficult people and conversations from our daily routines, we can make better choices in the way we handle our relationships and conversations with others. By thinking more strategically about how we are handling our relationships and conversations with others, we can reduce our stress level and improve our effectiveness.

In this seminar, participants will learn how to:

Better prepare for difficult conversations as they go throughout the day

·          Choose to stay in dialogue instead of returning name-calling, insults and sarcasm

·          Create relationships with anyone in which they can talk about even the most sensitive subjects

·          Be more persuasive when mentoring, motivating and negotiating

·          Reduce stress by being able to get things “off their chests” and not harboring anger and hurt feelings
·          Set physical, emotional and mental boundaries to protect themselves from the stress-inducing words and actions of others
·          Take effective “time-outs” throughout the day to clear their minds, refocus on their priorities and keep difficult people and situations in perspective.


The Culturally Intelligent Leader: Understanding and Using the Power of Diversity

Presentation Summary
Internationally competent leaders are aware of cultural and ethnic differences. They understand how to work around language barriers to achieve success. They see diversity as a strength and not a weakness. They are keenly aware of their own attitudes, beliefs and behaviors and how those differ from people of other cultural backgrounds. They know how to listen to skeptical or biased audiences and then communicate with them in a way that builds trust and respect. They work hard to understand unique cultural factors that affect market and team performance and are not afraid to step out of their own local environment for business opportunities and resources.

Bruce integrates into each presentation personal and practical examples from his vast experience in leading international teams. In 2003, he became the 58th President of JCI (Junior Chamber International) a worldwide federation of 200,000 young leaders and entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries. He has chaired several major international meetings including two (Berlin in 1999 and Copenhagen in 2003) that were attended by more than 3,000 international delegates. He has also led many small group teams with diverse membership from multiple continents. He has moderated a program at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as well as the 3rd World Chambers Congress in Quebec City.

Thinking Differently: How to earn trust and be respected as an outstanding leader

Presentation Summary
Outstanding leaders break through old habits of thinking to uncover fresh solutions to recurring challenges. Outstanding leaders eliminate personal barriers to genuinely connect with people and to motivate them to take action. Outstanding leaders work to overcome the cynicism people feel about their responsibilities and role in the organization and help them find meaning and purpose in what they do. Outstanding leaders inspire people to fight through the limits of their own doubts and fears and to achieve more than they believed was possible.

In this 180 minute (or longer if requested by the client), Bruce uses his unique personal experience as a leader of people of diverse ages, experiences and cultural backgrounds to teach, inspire and motivate participants to earn trust and respect as an outstanding leader. Your audience joins in the fun of learning five distinct roles of a leader by actively participating in energizing music pieces and by helping Bruce to illustrate concepts and action points. Through fun activities and he reinforces over and over again the main theme of this presentation: Outstanding leaders see things differently!

The Monday Morning Method

Presentation Summary
You arrive at your office on Monday morning full of energy, with a smiling face and positive attitude. Then the telephone begins ringing, a flood of e-mail messages arrives and people begin passing through your office with numerous challenges and crises to present to you. By noon, all of your energy is gone and you struggle through the rest of the week.

Outstanding leaders understand the importance of getting things done. They know that to keep the confidence and trust of team members, customers, and constituents they must not only gather creative ideas but must also get things accomplished. They are more than just talkers, they consistently and effectively execute what they say they will do.

In this presentation, Bruce teaches, inspires and motivates participants to turn their Monday mornings into a power-building instead of a power-draining experience. Through a number of audience participation activities and demonstrations, participants learn how to:

  • increase their weekly productivity
  • lead change and innovation
  • increase confidence in themselves and in those they lead
  • better control people and events instead letting those control them
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